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Nokia Lumia 800 vs 900 Comparison

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Nokia Lumia 800 vs Nokia Lumia 900 quick compare

Nokia’s Lumia series with Windows Phone 7 (Mango) is very well worth the hype. Nokia has come out with two variants of the mid-segment Lumia series: 800 and 900.

The first obvious difference is the size and form-factor. Lumia 800 has a 3.7″ (Pentile; Flat with bezeled edges) screen compared to a 4.3″ screen (AMOLED; Curved screen) of the 900.

Lumia 900 also has a Gyroscope and a secondary front-facing camera, which are missing on the 800.

The 900 also supports dual-channel data connections with HSPA+ speeds of up to a maximum of 42Mbps. It can also be used as a mobile hotspot for up to five other devices.

All other features and Tech Specs remain exactly the same.

Check out the image link below for gdgt.com’s side-by-side comparison of the two

Tech Spec Comparisons

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12 responses to “Nokia Lumia 800 vs 900 Comparison”

  1. Amelia says:

    According to me,Nokia Lumia 920 is better compared to other Nokia series of 800 or 900, this truly helps me a lot and supports windows apps on my mobile. Nokia are the only mobile developers who supports windows phone, so with each new update, there are something new that pretty attracts the customers to get it on hand.

  2. According to me Lumia 900 is much better than 800. It has some more advance features.

  3. Both the phones having outstanding features that can compare with anyother mobile. But it is little bit difficult to compare these two because both have the same and amazing features.

  4. Gay Dating says:

    This is indeed a great phone I have come across and used it. I am now on the verge of changing it to the newer version.

  5. soundtaxi says:

    What I love in the phones of Nokia is that there phones are really tough and can last long compare to the other smartphones

  6. Nokia Lumia is a great device in terms of "price-quality" relation

  7. iphone apps says:

    Nokia Lumia is a great device in terms of "price-quality" relation.

  8. These both windows set are best phones.

  9. Mario Roland says:

    I've read all the new features of the Nokia Lumia, and it did make quite an impression. It seems that it has the potential to make its name against powerhouse Apple and Android. After the release of the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5, the question is, what new features will the ipad application development team develop before releasing iPad's 4th generation.

  10. Nokia Lumia is a great device in terms of "price-quality" relation. This device is pretty functional and can satisfy all the major needs of a user. So if you're not a mobile geek and just need a good device for the right price, then Lumia is your choice.

  11. nelmohypre says:

    very nice )