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Now, downgrade to XP

Windows vista downgrade to xp

Many users have reported that the software they rely on isn’t compatible with Vista. Advanced power management features often don’t work the way they’re supposed to and sometimes too much security isn’t a good thing , like asking you for a password to perform what seem like the most basic of tasks.

Microsoft has made it easy for PC manufacturers to offer a downgrade option to Windows XP. The downgrade option is only available for Windwos Vista Business and Ultimate editions. And PC makers get to decide if and how to offer the downgrade. Fujitsu has begun including an XP disc in boxes of computers it ships, while HP offers customers the ability to configure business models with XP. Lenovo will be selling XP “recovery discs” to customers who buy Vista Business or Ultimate until July 31, 2008. Hopefully by then Windows Vista Service Pack 1 will be out and will address most, or at least some of the major complaints.

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