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PHP function for Javascript redirect


The following code is basically JS, but has been made into a PHP function so that it could be invoked with different parameters as per our needs.

function js_redirect($url, $seconds=5) {
"<script language=\"JavaScript\">\n";
"<!-- hide code from displaying on browsers with JS turned off\n\n";
"function redirect() {\n";
"window.location = \"" . $url . "\";\n";
"timer = setTimeout('redirect()', '" . ($seconds*1000) . "');\n\n";

return true;

js_redirect(http://blogulate.com,1); //Redirects to blogulate.com in 1 second.


Eg Usage :
js_redirect(http://google.com,5); //Redirects to Google after 5 seconds.

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10 responses to “PHP function for Javascript redirect”

  1. bosshakan says:

    great working thanks for sharing…

  2. yeahboy says:

    oh wtf.. nevermind. the code is being messed up by the blog.

  3. yeahboy says:

    i guess you can make it as simple as this:

    function js_redirect($url, $seconds=1)


    echo '';

    echo 'function redirect() {';

    echo 'window.location = "' . $url . '";';

    echo '}';

    echo 'timer = setTimeout("redirect()", "' . ($seconds*1000) . '");';

    echo '';

    return true;


  4. yeahboy says:

    this ain't working…

  5. Kirkorov says:

    Haha. It's funny.

  6. thinkdj says:

    You could also view the source of the following page for another JS redirect:


  7. thinkdj says:


    I think the best for you would be a simpler META tag

    <code><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL =http://google.com"></code>

    Just add this in the within the <head> </head> of your html. Change 0 to an integer value for time to wait before redirecting..

  8. toraj says:

    hello thinkdj

    so can i direct with this code myweblog to website ?

  9. thinkdj says:

    Hi toraj,

    Sorry about that. It's a JavaScript echoed using PHP so that the destination URL and time before redirection could be called dynamically..

    Eg :

    js_redirect (http://google.com,5); //Redirects to Google after 5 seconds.

    js_redirect (http://google.co.in,15); //Redirects to Google.co.in after 15 seconds.

  10. toraj says:

    what is this code? please say more about that

    thanks a lot