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PHP Script – Open port check


Got this from Vinu’s blog. This simple script will attempt to connect to the site:port using fsockopen to determine if a service is running on the port.

< ?php

$site = "vinuthomas.com";
$port = 80;

$fp = fsockopen($site,$port,$errno,$errstr,10);
echo "Cannot connect to server";

echo "Connect was successful - no errors on Port ".$port." at ".$site;


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12 responses to “PHP Script – Open port check”

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  2. zapatos mbt says:

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  3. YouTube View says:

    If a user wants to check a series of ports like from port 40 to port 80 then how can he do that ? Can you please elaborate this a little ? Many Thanks for the efforts you have put in so far.

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  5. kuldeep Vyas says:


    this is very useful

  6. dewyprince says:

    fine script, thanks lot

  7. :D P1 says:

    Could you help me, please?

  8. reishi says:

    hi admin

    how about por 21 ?

  9. Mauricio says:

    Thanks, very useful

  10. MakiS says:

    hmhm nC.. u can make better 🙂

  11. Kumaran says:

    Thanks a lot. Good Work