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Came across pilotjohn.com  from merissa’s blog. What caught my attention was that he was holding a review-me contest and offered a REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT Red T-shirt for the site with the most incoming links.

This is what he says about this site on the About page :

” Thanks for visiting my home on the net! This blog is dedicated to sharing my knowledge and day to day experiences in the travel industry along with my personal life. I hope everyone enjoys it! Feel free to contact me at anytime, send me a SMS message, or make comments on my posts or pictures in my photo albums!”


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3 responses to “PilotJohn.com”

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  3. Very informative, thank you. I’ve been blogging on and off for almost 3 years, but have never had much of a focus – I tend to just write about whatever is on my mind when I feel like writing. Cheers!