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Prepare for Windows 8 – New UX, Ribbons and Metro


Windows 8 is the forthcoming version Microsoft Windows, expected for release in 2012. It will be built on the same kernel as Windows 7, the difference being a complete change from the User Interface/User Experience standpoint. The changes will be very dramatic, with some sources stating that Windows 8 will not include Windows Explorer, a name synonymous to Windows.


There have been many reports on blogs stating that the ‘Ribbon Interface’ which MS introduced in MS Office 2007 would be an integral part of Windows 8 too.
When Microsoft initially introduced the ribbon interface in Office 2007, people found it hard to adapt to such a massive change in UI. However, a lot of effort and research had been done for the design, which showed that the Ribbon Interface would help people to be more productive once they get the hang of it.


Microsoft METRO UI
The ‘Less is More’ minimalist aesthetic with a distinctive typeface was introduced into Windows Phone 7 and the Zune HD (which is pretty awesome btw) and MS plans to incorporate the same ‘Metro’ user interface to Win8 too.

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