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Price of the Nike swoosh logo


The nik swoosh logo

The Swoosh logo was designed by Carolyn Davidson in 1971 – a graphic design student that Phill Knight met while teaching an accounting class at Portland State University to supplement his then-fledgling business. He paid a grand total of $35! Phill never liked the logo but stuck onto it quoting “I don’t love it, but it’ll grow on me”. 12 years later in 1983, Davidson got an invitation to lunch by Nike where Knight surprised her with a gold Swoosh ring embedded with diamond and an envelope containing Nike stock.

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3 responses to “Price of the Nike swoosh logo”

  1. Alex Jhonson says:

    I really like the nikey logo I think it is simple but graet it is really universal and as a graphic designer I would be happy to present this to a client, it really is a tremendos logo.

  2. wahyu says:

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  3. Ellen says:

    Well, Very interesting topic… I will tell my friend and they will like this. Thanks…