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Project Titan: Facebook’s Gmail Killer?

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A rumor has been passing around that Facebook is all set to release a web based email client (Project Titan) the coming Monday (Nov 15,2010) at their “Web 2.0 Summit”

The Facebook Web 2.0 Summit would be held at St. Regis Yerba Buena Terrace, 125 3rd Street, SF, CA at 10 AM on 15th November 2010 (coming Monday). It would be an invite-only closed event and a limited number of invites has been sent out.

The fact if this would just be another Web 2.0 Summit or if it has something to do with the rumor floating around online is something we’ll have to wait and see. Players like Google has flopped big time when trying to clone services like Twitter (with their Google Buzz). Gmail is a very popular and advanced email service and I don’t think people will be ready for a shift unless facebook brings out something that is revolutionary and simpler than the existing features on Gmail.

The Examiner reports that domain name fb.com has been bought by facebook. It’s unclear what domain name Facebook will use for their new Webmail project. But these activities has left people speculating a lot about Facebook’s supposed “Gmail Killer”.

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