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Reliance introduces 3.1mbps wireless internet

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reliance-netconnect-broadbandReliance has come up with a new Wireless Broadband provision based on EVDO  technology. Named Broadband+ NetConnect, they claim it can reach speeds of upto 3.1 mbps downstream and 1.8mbps upstream. The aforementioned speeds are applicable if you use the internet in one of the 35 supported cities. Anywhere outside that, you shall receive 1X connectivity with upto 144kbps.

Features of Reliance Netconnect Broadband+

  • Wireless Broadband for Laptops & Desktops
  • 20 times faster with speed upto 3.1 Mpbs
  • Fastest uploads at a speed upto 1.8Mbps
  • Simply Plug & Play
  • Seamless network across 20,000 towns and 4.5 lac villages
  • Nation-wide roaming facility

As an introductory offer, reliance is giving 2 month of unlimited usage (fair usage of upto 10GB/month) for the first one lakh subscribers.

List of cities (35 cities) supporting upto 3 mbps rates:



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23 responses to “Reliance introduces 3.1mbps wireless internet”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the Tip, this Wireless Internet sticks also work well now in Germany. I really like them, because they give me indepedence.

  2. Pawan says:

    3.1 mbps =3100/8=390 KBps…….hence you would be getting speed around 300 to 400 KBps …..its not cheating guys…..

    And 1x speed is around 144Kbps i.e 144/8 =18 KBps…….

  3. prasanth says:

    i would like to get an internet connection .(near eranakulam -amrita)

    can anyone help me out -which will be the best internetconnection for me ? .my usage will be max.1 gb .i need max imum available speed ..?wire less is preferred..

    thank u..

  4. nodive says:

    how to install this device in Mac?

    plzz help

  5. Harry says:

    3.1MBPs = Mega Bits Per Second so devide it by 8 which will be the maximum speed of any net and download/upload speed is measured in Kilobites not in Kilo Bits so if you have speed of 15kbps then your nets connection speed is of 200kbps

  6. Mukesh says:

    I have Reliance 3.1mbps speed internet. This company is cheating the customers. I never got the speed more than 250kbps. Nobody hears any complaint. This is the total fraud with me and other customer.

  7. sach says:

    dont buy idea net setter if any1 planning2 do..its really fucked up my mind..at the time of buying they said it will give u around 236 kbps means almost 30 KBps but im getting max around 12 kbps nt evn kilobytes..my advice is2 u people dont buy idea usb netsetter go 4 bsnl braodbarand or reliance 3.1 mbps survice which will be better than this boring stuff..Goodluck!!

  8. Hey peples, i think ur very less in knowledge. Actually read correctly when calculating speed. If they say. "kbps", its kilo bits per second. and if they says "kBps", its kilo Bytes per second. So 1 Mbps is actually 1000/8=128 kBps shown in system(Torrent, Firefox Downloader or any downloader).

    I've a net setter and it givs me 20-25 kBps Max when i download torrents. It means the speed i get is 25×8=200 kbps, which Idea says is correct.

  9. Hi,

    I have this new 3.1 Mbps USB device but I am only getting speeds around 300 kbps to 500 kbps…

    Just wanted to know if someone can tell me the real conversion rate of 1 Mbps.

    Is 1 Mbps = 1000 kbps or 100 kbps? Just confused.

    • Jerin says:

      1mb means 1000 kb

    • Jerin says:

      1mbps = 1000 kbps

      • maliububarbosa says:

        1 mbps =1024 kbps

        • Tushar Singh says:

          1 mbps = 1 mega BITS per second = 1000/8 = 125 kilo BYTES per seconds
          while, 1 mBps = 1 mega BYTES pers second = 1000 Kilo BYTES per second

          SO basically, they advertise speeds in megaBITS instead of MegaBytes. Download managers count speen in megabytes so that's the real confusion.

          according to above, 3.1 Mbps = 3100 = ~387kBps max speed…which in your case is true.

  10. vinay says:

    hey…am using idea net setter but acctually speed is given that 236kbps but the downloading speed is very low upto 15kbps in towns where the full signal is there

    but in poor singal quaality the downloading speed is 3-5kbps only

    the bullshit idea…

    don't buy idea net setter plzzzzz…..

    i think it is good…but am not completly believe this reliance net so anyone give me answer for my question

    what is the actual downloading & uploading speed for this net…..

    say original plzzz…

    • Sachin says:


      Actually whatever speed they say for connection, always assume it will give 15 times lower speed only, just for example if you have bsnl broadband of 2mbps, then it will give you download speed only of 200kbps in extreme good condition, otherwise it will give around 50kbps..

      but for somedays i am getting just 15kbps and lower only even at 2mbps speed, dont know what these companies doing,

      so if reliance claims that they provide 3.1 mbps connection speed, then it would be great even if get speed of 100kbps

      also check if 3.1 mbps connection is the maximum or the minimum in costing., bcoz companies always do marketing which they provide the best available to them but they never say what would cost it….

  11. hj says:

    What is better in terms of speed and usage given?

    • Sachin says:

      what would be the average upload/download speed, currently i m using BSNL Broadband, but not satisfied at all, for somedays speed has been very low even if i am using account of speed upto 2mbps, getting speed of just 10kbps or lower of download :'(

      I would like to rel 3.1 mbps if its giving speed as they say,



  12. Prasad Raju says:

    which one is better… TATA or Riliance?

  13. udaya says:

    In Tata Indicom PHOTON. its performance is good enough but some time its seems to be very. Will this problem occur in Reliance wireless broad band also.

    Proper Sale will only fix this problem.

  14. thinkdj says:

    It seems Broadband+ will come out in Reliance WebWorlds only on March 17th.

  15. thinkdj says:

    CDMA 1X .. I guess that's 144kbps max.. like the existing speed for NetConnect

  16. TheAnand says:

    what does 1x speeds mean?