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[Review] Medigeek


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medigeek blogMediGeek from Serbia is a medical student, an Ubuntu fan and an all-around blogger.

Now, where else can you find a medical student who’s also a geek and has the passion for computers and technology.

His blog [My Life’s Journey] is worth a visit. It is a perfect blend of the latest tech/software news and medical snippets.

Here are some posts :

Toe-tankhamun – World’s earliest prosthetic body part?
Bittorrent: Download 24/7 with your PC turned off!

Software: K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 3.30
Security: How to bypass antivirus detection

MediGeek has his unique way of maintaining the perfect balance between life science posts and geek posts. Overall, I just loved his blog. In fact, I browsed right back to the very first “helllo world” post. [ I skipped all the medical and life science stuff though 😀 ].

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