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Share-a-pic : Get paid for free image hosting


Put your picture galleries to work for you with Shareapic.net.. the pic sharing site that gives back!
Shareapic allows you to earn a set CPM [.22$] (or rate per 1000 image impressions.) This means everytime someone looks at one image, you get an image view credit. These impressions can be achieved easily if you post on forums,blogger,ebay, myspace, friendster or other social sites.
Shareapic also allows you to add your Google Adsense code to your image and gallery pages. This means that every time someone clicks a text link on one of your pages, you earn money through your Adsense account.

Payments are made within 7 days of any payment request over $20.00 USD via paypal.

Upload unlimited photos to share with others.

Share galleries in forums, on ebay, myspace….

Get Paid via Paypal + revenue sharing via Adsense

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