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Share videos on YouTube from Call of Duty: Black Ops


COD:Black Ops has a feature called “Theater Mode”, which is like your personal media center for the game. You can upload gameplay videos, grab screenshots and share in-game performances, and then watch the videos in My Theater or on Youtube.

How to Setup Call Of Duty Black Ops Theater and Link Youtube

  1. If you do not already have an account at callofdtuy.com, register for an account there.
  2. Login to your account using the credentials.
  3. Goto “My Theatre”
  4. Click the [link] button and select your system from the list.

Getting Started: How to save gameplay videos and share it on youTube :

  • Once in-game, open MULTIPLAYER > XBOX LIVE / PSN > THEATER.
  • Open “MY RECENT GAMES” to access files of your matches.
  • Select the film from which you would like to record a video clip segment OR grab a screen-shot and choose SELECT FOR PLAYBACK.

Reference : SegmentNext (To continue reading how to setup Screenshots and record a video, please follow the link)

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