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Six 2011 April Fools’ Pranks you wouldnt have missed


It’s customary for many online players not to stay silent on All Fools’ Day. It’s that time of the year when they launch new “features” or come out with “spectacular” reports. Here’s what was in store this year:


We would have to start off with Google. Google has been pranking its users since 2000. Google didn’t stop with just one prank this year too:

YouTube’s “1911 Mode”

It was posted on YouTube Blog that YouTube users could notice a button on the lower right corner present in videos. YouTube claimed it would take you back one hundred years, when YouTube was founded and clicking on the button would play videos with an old and rusty sepia tone.
Watch video: Top 5 viral pictures of 1911

Gmail Motion

“Now you can control Gmail with your body.” Google published a whole new page and a couple of videos which focused a new technology to control all your gmail commands using simple and intuitive gestures.

Visit Site: Gmail Motion BETA

Autocompleters Wanted

“We are hiring Autocompleters!” was a message displayed below Google’s autosuggests on April 1,2011. Clicking on it would take you to the job description, which included a video of Michael Taylor describing his ascent from the post of a full-time-spell-checker to the burgeoning field of completing people’s queries.

Visit Job Description page: Google Jobs
Watch Video: YouTube (it’s hilarious – do watch)

Comic Sans

Users searching for “Helvetica” or “Comic Sans” in Google was in for a shock. Google would would change the site font when these two terms were queried to Comic Sans.


Users logging in to LinkedIn on April 1, 2011 could see legends like Albert Einstein, Robin Hood, Heisenberg, The Hatter and Sherlock Holmes in their “People you may know” list.


Hulu.com took us back 15 years with the 90’s style homepage – complete with low palette GIF images, IFRAMES and scrolling marquees – on All Fools’ Day. It also featured old cult shows like the X-Files on the homepage.

Bonus: Funny or Die

Funny Or Die dedicated the whole home page to Rebecca Black on April Fools’ Day 2011. Perhaps this was a prank beyond the limit. Yechhh!!

PS: If you do not know of Rebecca Black, perhaps watching this music video would help. This video went viral on March 11, 2011, acquiring millions of views on YouTube in a matter of a few days, becoming the most-talked-about topic on social networking site Twitter, and gathering negative media coverage. Do watch it completely 😉


Stumbled upon a few more pranks. These might not be as popular as the ones listed above, and you probably would have missed out on them on All Fools’ Day. Here they are:

37signals, the creator of webapps like Basecamp and CampFire announced that it is officially relocating its entire staff to Chicago.

Google announced that it will be re-buying Blogger because, according to Blogger CEO Brett Wiltshire, “Google liked our logo. And we liked their food”.

HootSuite announced they would be soon releasing a game called Happy Owls.

oDesk announced that it has taken intergalactic unemployment down to zero percent. Source: oDesk Blog

Atlassian Announces “Angry Nerds” – The player hurtles various incarnations of developers or “devs” against towers of binary numbers, destroying various infectious “bugs” in the code in the process.
Try out the game here.

Yelp.com – Rent a New Puppy Every Month From Forever Young!
Source: Going National with Yelp Deals – Yelp Blog

Groupon Now Owns April Fools Day
The uncertainty over April Fools Day’s intellectual trademark made Groupon to purchase the rights to the dat. You can read Groupon’s patent application here and their blog post here.

Toshiba’s 3D Monacle
Toshiba, always at the forefront of gadgetry innovation, has announced the world’s first 3D monacle. More about it can be read here.

Virgin’s Richard Branson
Virgin published that Richard Branson has officially bought Pluto for an undisclosed amount and reinstated it as a planet. Hurray!

Qualcomm, which makes processors for smartphones, tablets, and smartbooks announced that it will be sending its employees on a “Way of The Dragon Retreat” on Komodo Island. Watch video here.

Google AdWords
Users logging into AdWords on April 1,2011 saw old school ads in Display Ad Builder. The options included “LOLcat”, “Dancing .gif”, “Pop ups galore”, “Punch the Monkey” and “Click here for smileys” to name a few.

Starbucks introduced coffee on wheels – using new “Mobile Pour”. Baristas on scooters, anyone?

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