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Skinning Yahoo! Messenger


Well, it’s worth it.. You can do away with the monotony..

yahoo bronze skin themeCeladon

Cool shades of jade and turquoise. Download


Earth tones with an orangy flavor (I like this one. It’s the one on the right). Download


By popular demand. (really ?) Download


Steel with bold orange accents. Download

# More unofficial skins can be found <<here>>

Install the skins

  1. Open the .zip file with WinZip.
  2. Extract all the files into C:\. Make sure that “Use folder names” is checked. If Yahoo! Messenger is installed on a different hard drive, replace “C:\” with the appropriate drive letter.

Changing the skin:

  • Open Yahoo Messenger
  • Go to Messenger > Change skin Menu.
  • Choose desired theme from the drop down menu and click OK

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