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Some sites are not accessible on BSNL DataOne BroadBand in India

Well, I’ve been facing this problem too. It’s their DNS Servers, I tell you !!

Here’s the workaround to get that fixed. Try alternative DNS servers like OpenDNS.

OpenDNS is a better DNS, free to all. OpenDNS uses its distributed network of DNS servers to speed up your Internet experience, increase reliability, improve security and make DNS smarter for users all over the world. OpenDNS is a zero downtime service.

OpenDNS servers :,

Goto Control Pannel > Network Connections and find your connection under “LAN or High-Speed Internet” and change the DNS servers for that.

Click image below for info. on how to change the DNS server setting.

Easy to remember DNS servers IP


OR try the easy to remember AT&T / Level 3 DNS servers,,,,,

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24 responses to “Some sites are not accessible on BSNL DataOne BroadBand in India”

  1. Neeraj D Sharma says:

    Thank you very much your given DNS have worked well.

  2. Sourav says:

    hey it stopped working again in 5 mins

    this started after i installed the BSNL motive thing

    then i clicked on repair connection

    it is working again

    and then stopping again

    plz help me and tell what to do


    • sanju says:

      Most probably its VIRUS. Once you start browsing the virus refresh your IP automatically thus you lost connection. Kaspersky free trail is good to clear this problem.

  3. Sourav says:


    ty its working

    i m total noob in these matters

    can i talk to u in personal bt some more problems plz

  4. After realizing that different companies offer different broadband speeds, I appreciated the importance of doing wide market research before settling down for any provider. This is to ensure that they are on a reliable platform that is able to sustain my connection needs.

  5. Surya says:

    Hey Guys,

    Another tip, try this to see difference for those who are unable to fix this after changing MTU to 1452.

    .An easy solution to most problems is to change MTU to 1400….. published on Netgear website.

    • Amit says:

      Thanks a lot Surya. You solved my problem. I changed MTU from 1492 to 1452 and it working. All sites are opening.

  6. Surya says:

    Hi Guys,

    I was facing same problems using Netgear DG834 router with BSNL Data One connection. After looking on this web site, I have changed MTU and also DNS but later tried with Auto DNS leaving MTU at 1452 its working. So, I think its the MTU which is causing problem….. Change it to 1452………..Problem fixed!!!!

    Any Way guys,thanks a lot to all of you!!!

    • Gill says:

      I changed MTU to 1452. Also tried changing the DNS but still cannot access microsoft.com. Please help……….

  7. jkm says:


    Even after changing the DNS servers as per above suggestions & changing the MTU size to 1452 , I am still unable to open the yahoo mail account from my home.

    Can anyone suggest a remedy.



  8. Atish says:


    plz help me

    how to i go Configuration page

    i can not opened yahoo.com,google.com in expolere

    but using kproxy.com i open this sites.

    but i want direct acess yahoo

    so help me.

  9. surya says:

    Hi ,

    i'm using wireless router. can u please tell me how to change MTU value . extremely thankful for the help

  10. mohanmrk says:

    Thank U ONCE Again ..should change ur MTU value from 1492 to 1452…..

    Change it and work free

    THank u

  11. mohanmrk says:

    THank U very much my friend…. IT works….. so please change ur MTU value to 1492 to 1452 ………………

    THank YOU very much

  12. thinkdj says:

    @mrs R. Chatterjee


    Please call the office (NIB Helpdesk) and ask for a password reset. They will reset your password and inquire them about the portal userID and p/w. Then you will be able to login and view the usage.

  13. mrs R. Chatterjee says:

    Dear sir,

    i have really tired myself to view my bb usage for last 25 days in the site as you have written to try in "bbservice.bsnl.in".I am a senior citizen & so i am an elderly lady.Is there anybody present to help me out?

    I have also visited to my local exchange,the officials present there conducted an visit of a Technocrat,but the net result came out from there is Nnnnnnnnnil.

    The only thing that I am getting is, after entering the above site, 'invalid Password,portal I.D.,though I have typed in proper manner as I did it for last 5 months.

    Please HELP me.

  14. thinkdj says:


    Try http://bbservice.bsnl.in/ . It has separate listings of the night usage and chargeable usage.

  15. ANURAG says:

    How Can i check my Uses Check separately Night Unlimited [02:00 – 08:00] and ohthers chargable time Details Between [08:00 – 02:00]

    I have Bsnl Combo 500 C+ Plan From 01-May-08

  16. sachinfandu2002 says:

    Thanks buddy, it has worked for me even.

    BSNL Broadband MTU needs 2 be changed from 1492 to 1452

  17. Sparks says:

    For many people The MTU Value needs to be changed.

    Open the Configuration page>>>>go to the Setup>>>

    Select BSNL>>>>>change the MTU value from 1492 to 1452>>>apply

    Go to tools>>>>system Commands>>>>click save all.

    This solved my problem with Yahoo, Hotmail, SUN java etc.


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