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Spellify : automatic input field spell check


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auto spell check on input text field spellify

Spellify automatically checks for spelling errors on user entered text in input text fields. Spellify is powered by the Google™ spell checker. You can see a demo at te homepage and also download the latest version there. Spellify not only works for text fields, but also on text areas.

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6 responses to “Spellify : automatic input field spell check”

  1. i think it a good program. It is very helpful.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Kirkorov says:

    Hi,I use it and very satisfied.I advise other boys and girls try use it.

  3. Kirkorov says:

    I think it a good program. It is very useful. Thanks

    • error xml says:


      I have done the required steps and configured php as well, and still see this error "xml string cannot be empty". Do you have any suggestions what it could be?

  4. Music Site says:


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    I would really appreciate this,

    Thank you very much,