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Splash PRO: The Best HD Video Player with GPU Acceleration


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Came across ‘Splash PRO’ HD Video player today and I must say, it’s a treat for movie lovers. Especially all you guys having a huge HD videos collection.

Some Awesome Features of Splash HD Movie player:

  • Uses GPU Acceleration, taking off load from the CPU
  • Amazing features like Motion², LightBoost, Detail Boost, SmartSeek, EcoMode and Audio Boost.
  • Developed for playing HD videos (AVCHD™, MPEG-2, AVC/H.264 and VC-1). No other Codecs required.
  • Around 10-20% lesser CPU usage compared to players like VLC and Media Player Classic [when extra effects are off]
  • Simply amazing audio decoder – recreated even the minutest sound.
  • Stunning, Sleek and Responsive User Interface.
  • Generates a thumbnail on keeping mouse on the seek bar (see screenshot)

The Motion² Effect recreates missing motion in 24fps content. This shoots up the CPU usage, but is worth it. Take any movie and try playing it with Motion2 turned on and you’ll have next to perfect video quality. This effect can be compared to watching a HD TV Show, as it decreases the “movie effect” – you know, that blurry motion feeling associated with all movies when compared to other videos. Try it out and you’ll understand.

The player comes with a “Demo Mode” (see screenshot above) in which you can preview the effect on one half of the screen side-by-side with the video having effects turned off.

Another amazing feature of the player is that since it uses less CPU, it can comfortably play 720p/1080p videos even on laptops with low configuration without any drag/lagging. There’s also an “EcoMode” which promises lesser battery consumption for your laptop. The player uses Mirillis Codecs which are very efficient as it’s designed for multi-core processors & graphics card hardware acceleration. Yea, it’s a brilliant piece of software.

Try it now: Splash PRO / Splash LITE (FREE)

Recommended System Requirements:  1.6 GHz Dual Core, 1GB RAM & Intel/ATi/Nvidia Graphics.

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