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Securely browse Gmail and Facebook

Browsing via HTTPS (HyperText Transport Protocol - Secure) combines the normal HTTP with SSL/TLS protocol and provides encrypted communications between the host (webserver) and the client(your PC). The advantage of using HTTPS is that no-one can sniff/snoop the data packets and eavesdrop on the data as ...

Five Best Home Replacement Apps for your Android Phone

Android platform lets you do all of the customization that can ever be done on a mobile OS. And gladly, third party replacement apps exist for every part of Android's stock functionality. Especially for the most popular of replacement apps - the launchers. Let's just go ...

Five Best DropBox Alternatives for Cloud File Hosting

It’s always a good idea to have your important data backed up on the cloud. And when you think of a web based cloud hosting service, DropBox would be the first thing that pops into mind. DropBox is definitely a great service, but here are a ...

Splash PRO: The Best HD Video Player with GPU Acceleration

Came across 'Splash PRO' HD Video player today and I must say, it's a treat for movie lovers. Especially all you guys having a huge HD videos collection. Some Awesome Features of Splash HD Movie player: Uses GPU Acceleration, taking off load from the CPU Amazing features like Motion², ...

Roundup: Best Android phones available in India

Here is a roundup of the best android based smartphones available in the Indian Market today. They have been divided according to the price ranges: 32k-25k High-end expensive smartphones; 25k-15k High-end high priced and 15k-10k Budget android smartphones. Phones below the 10k line haven't been mentioned ...

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