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Four Reasons why you MUST Switch to LastPass

LastPass would no doubt be the best discovery I've made in 2010 (thankyou, @sayseed). For those of you who have no clue what LastPass is, it's a free cloud based password manager addon for your browser (and OS and smartphone) ...

Find the Cell Phone Signal Strength in your room

This app truly helped me a lot. The cellphone range in my room was always very poor. Every time I took a call, I used to walk out to the balcony of another room facing the other direction (to get better signal strength) and the call ...

Disabling Facebook’s Theater Mode for Albums

Facebook rolled out the 'Theater Mode', a fullscreen lightbox-like jQuery photo viewer for displaying photos and albums a while back. This was not taken well with the community. Here are a few ways to override the theater mode and display the album in old-school Facebook style: The ...

Six 2011 April Fools’ Pranks you wouldnt have missed

It's customary for many online players not to stay silent on All Fools' Day. It's that time of the year when they launch new "features" or come out with "spectacular" reports. Here's what was in store this year: Google We would have to start off with Google. Google ...

Alexa Redirect Breakdown

The requested URL /redirect was not found on this server. This is what comes when an Alexa Redirect URL is clicked, which is prefixed with " http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect? ". It was working fine until yesterday .. damn ! There are bloggers who use the "alexa redirect" plugin for ...

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