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Try Google+ interface theme for Gmail

Okay, it's not exactly the "Google Plus" theme for Gmail, but it's the new look interface Google is planning to roll out across all its products. You can have a sneak-peek at the upcoming Gmail theme right now. Login to your Gmail account and click on the ...

Securely browse Gmail and Facebook

Browsing via HTTPS (HyperText Transport Protocol - Secure) combines the normal HTTP with SSL/TLS protocol and provides encrypted communications between the host (webserver) and the client(your PC). The advantage of using HTTPS is that no-one can sniff/snoop the data packets and eavesdrop on the data as ...

Project Titan: Facebook’s Gmail Killer?

A rumor has been passing around that Facebook is all set to release a web based email client (Project Titan) the coming Monday (Nov 15,2010) at their "Web 2.0 Summit" The Facebook Web 2.0 Summit would be held at St. Regis Yerba Buena Terrace, 125 3rd Street, ...

Access 2 gmail accounts at the same time, on the same browser!

This is great news for gmail users who use multiple gmail accounts. Google recently notified users that they will be able to sign in with two additional accounts at the same time, and easily toggle back and forth between them easily. Some services like Picasa ...

Gmail Gets the Drag and Drop Feature

Google has rolled out another tweak to its Gmail users that makes its labels work like folders. Now, you can drag emails directly to the labels. Other changes include the shift of the labels option to a new location on the left side bar. It is ...

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