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Tekken 6 Exclusive to Microsoft


It seems that Microsoft is still pitching onto pulling the rug out from underneath Sony by trying to remove all their 3rd party exclusive titles. First it was GTA IV, then Final Fantasy XIII and now long time PlayStation exclusive Tekken 6. The version hitting both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 will be “Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion”, the latest avatar of Tekken 6 in the arcades which features additional characters, stages and items.

Tekken 6 for X Box

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3 responses to “Tekken 6 Exclusive to Microsoft”

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  2. markzenegar says:

    A new "rage" system has been added, which allows characters to do more damage per hit when their vitality is low. Once activated, a reddish energy aura appears around the character and their health bar starts to flicker red. The rage aura can be customized with different colors and effects to appear like fire, electricity, ice and others…. and more at:

  3. JBX says: