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Test your Anti-Virus with Eicar’s fake virus code


Open Notepad and copy paste the following string and save it (as .exe if your scanner is configured to scan only specific extensions) [It’s Eicar’s AV Test code]



If you have a decent anti-virus, it should throw out warnings.. 😀

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27 responses to “Test your Anti-Virus with Eicar’s fake virus code”

  1. gopi says:

    its some kind of malware , was detected in avast 7

  2. bill says:

    Microsoft Security Essentials…that is….;)

  3. bill says:

    Microsoft Essentials detected and deleted the 'threat' right away..;)

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  5. If you have a decent anti-virus, it should throw out warnings

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  8. canadagoose11 says:

    So great artical, i have learnt so much in this, thank you for sharing

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  9. ravikumar says:

    Avira detects it and moved to vault….its amazing mam thx

  10. random skaterdude says:

    will it work for Microsoft Security Essentials??

  11. omg says:

    omg my computer has just tottaly messed up

  12. frozenfire says:

    …Avast 5 detect it…nice…

  13. excellent luck being you

  14. shayl says:

    nod 32 detect it as soon you click on save

  15. Dooodle says:

    Panda CLoud newest version killed it as soon as I clicked save:D

  16. Martin Ponce says:

    informative stuff, thanks

  17. saakeman says:

    As i was testing out many antivirus software I found that Kaspersky and zonealarm detected it Right there and then avira also did a good job but avast did a manual scan , avg did not make it

    mcafee also detect it

    Tahnks for the test file

    The saakeman

    • Rajdeep says:

      Dude, just switch on to ESET Smart Security and see….. it detected it in a milisecond as soon as i clicked "save" in notepad !!!!!!!

  18. Ace says:

    tested my avira personal version 10 and it worked right after i closed the file (after savin it) so im good (y)

  19. S. Chowdhury says:

    Thanks a lot for the info, I tested my avast av with the code and it passed with flying colours.

  20. JigglyWiggly says:

    Thank you, works nicely. Was using it to test if my av scans over mapped network drives, it does. F-secure is nice.

  21. kishan says:

    its great…my McAfee 8.5i patch 7 find it as an virus and automatic deletes it.

  22. 46tr says:

    Faggots ahhh haaa

  23. Eugenie says:

    This was such an informative, relevant answer. It was exactly what I was looking for. I'm so happy to know I'll be getting something out of you posts.

  24. Ty says:

    i am eternally grateful for this-thanks so much


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