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The Fastest growing Ad-Networks

ComScore has published the new list of the fastest growing Online advertising networks.  Without much of a change, the top 5 are the same as last year’s.ad-netwrks

  • AOL’s (TWX) Platform-A;
  • Yahoo (YHOO);
  • Google (GOOG);
  • ValueClick (VCLK); and
  • Specific Media

Apart from the top 5, other networks that have shown the fastest growth rate are : Turn Inc., with U.S. unique visitors up 121% year-over-year to 134 million; CPX Interactive, up 88% to 130 million; 24/7 Real Media, up 48% to 148 million; Collective Network, up 47% to 130 million; and Kontera, up 40% to 73 million.

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3 responses to “The Fastest growing Ad-Networks”

  1. i would prefer Infolinks over Kontera because they pay much better.'~:

  2. Caleb Green says:

    I have used Kontera on one of my blogs and i earn good from this ad program.-,'