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The ultimate link back

If you are interested in blogulate.com reviewing your blog for free, please review blogulate.com on your blog OR link-back me and send your URL via the “contact” form or comment here.

Please feel free to use the banners below for a linkback. Reciprocal linking – “You link me and I link you” pedagogy has two major advantages :
1)Ensure quality traffic
2)Reciprocal links play a major role in boosting your rankings in search engines. ( like the link popularity algorithm ‘PageRank’ employed by Google)

When many bloggers get their site reviewed by me, blogulate’s PR goes up Dreamin and you would in turn have a back link from a high PR site.

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Cheers !
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8 responses to “The ultimate link back”

  1. Linkbacks are very important, my website stood still in the rankings for months untill i started adding linkbacks, slowly moving up the ranks!!!!

  2. link popularity is of course the foundation of a great search engine optimization~,,

  3. Jaden Flores says:

    link popularity is the most important aspect of SEO, you need to gain lots of backlinks~-`

  4. Riley Carter says:

    as everyone knows, link popularity is very important in gaining page rank.*,;

  5. Niamh Carter says:

    link popularity is very important in order for your website to get higher up in the search results page of any search engine.:`:

  6. Link popularity is very important if you want your website to rank high in any search engine.~*:

  7. I didn’t get clear what u said..please send me a mail about the details…

  8. Aglocochina says:

    Heyy! count me IN!