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The web’s most unsafe search keywords


The next time you search for free “screensavers”, be aware that it is the most dangerous search keyword. according to McAfee [The Web’s Most Dangerous Search Terms]

Upon searching for 2,500+ popular keywords across 400,000+ URLs, McAfee’s research concludes that “lyrics” and anything that includes “free” has the highest risk % of exposing web surfer to malware and other fraudy web sites.

Here are some more interesting facts emerging from the research:


  • The categories with the worst maximum risk profile were lyrics keywords (26.3%) and phrases that include the word “free” (21.3%). If a consumer landed at the riskiest search page for a typical lyrics search, al the least, one of four results would be risky
  • The categories with the worst average risk profile were also lyrics sites (5.1%) and “free” results page sites (7.3%)
  • The categories with the safest risk profile were health-related search terms and also searches concerning the recent economic crisis. The maximum risk on a single page of queries on the economy was 3.5% and only 0.5% risky across all results.
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4 responses to “The web’s most unsafe search keywords”

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