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Tomb Raider Anniversary fly and walk through walls hack



  1. Fly mode
  2. Wall hack
  3. Adjustable height in fly mode

Download :

Tool file size: 112KB.Usage

  1. Run the game
  2. Go on a map
  3. Enable the tool, by pressing F11
  4. Go up or down by pressing the 1 or 2 keys.

More at Source : T-R-A.com

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5 responses to “Tomb Raider Anniversary fly and walk through walls hack”

  1. WowGamer says:

    Hey man thanks a lot for the share 🙂 Awseome

  2. 9158 says:

    The links for the 19MB exe isn't working is there any alternate link?

  3. Flora says:

    I've got a question, how can you get fly mode??? I've read that it only was for the pc and than with F11, but I'm playing it on the ps2 so could anyone help me with an answer or funny glitches, shortcuts and bugs. please i really want that lara could fly, but how!!!????????? thanks for reading!!

  4. Andrei3434 says:

    to sait e super