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Top outsourcing destinations of the world


Here’s a look at the top global outsourcing destinations as well as the emerging ones according to a recent study by Global Services

continues to retain the number one position as the most sought-after destination for companies globally for investing and outsourcing. The country is home to as many as six of the world’s top eight outsourcing hubs viz Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune with two more.

China has no representation in the world’s top eight outsourcing cities. However, China dominates the list of emerging cities for global outsourcing with Shanghai and Beijing leading the list.

One of the names in the top 8 global outsourcing cities is that of Dublin, Ireland. In recent years Ireland has seen a large no. of outsourcing deals, both in number and size, in relation to the economy.

Mataki from Philipines also makes its place in the top 8 global outsourcing cities. Philippines has been trying to position itself as the next major global outsourcing destination, in competition with India and China. The country is aiming to get a 10 per cent share of the $130 billion global market.

SRC: Indiatimes Infotech

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11 responses to “Top outsourcing destinations of the world”

  1. I heard China is currently pretty popular. In my opionion it also strongly depends from the results you want to achieve…

  2. Canada Goose says:

    thanks for sharing,good article.I like it,I’m looking forward to read other articles.

  3. MBT says:

    This was a very usefull post. A great big thank you.

  4. MBT says:

    Great website ! I’ve just shared it on the social networks.

  5. Thanks for this guide, we have been to Asia twice and found especially China a great country to visit.

  6. outsourcing is essential if you want to increase your profit margin and efficiency;,'

  7. outsourcing is always essential to businesses coz it helps reduce the cost of production:.,

  8. outsourcing is really necessary specially if you want to cut the cost of production.`,,

  9. Connor Bell says:

    There is a rapid growth of Outsorcing these days as manufactures try to cut cost and maximize profit.*":


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