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TR Legend: Fatal Error crash to desktop FIX


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TR Legend Kazakhstan Game Crash

Tomb Raider Legend crashes unexpectedly and returns back to the Desktop with a Fatal Error. This started happening with me in the Kazakhstan Part 1 level’s beginning. Some players have reported the game to crash in the Japan level in the Eidos’ forums.


A fatal error has occurred while playing Tomb Raider: Legend. Please refer to the ReadMe file for information which might help you solve this problem, or contact Eidos customer support.
Extended information:
Exception at: 12/10/2014 at 23:46:38
Exception code: Access violation (c0000005): (Read of address: 0x00000058)
Exception address: 0x004561c4
CPU info:
EAX = 0x00000000
EBX = 0x000000a0
ECX = 0x011585d8
EDX = 0x00000008
ESI = 0x00000000
EDI = 0x010c5f10
EIP = 0x004561c4
ESP = 0x0018e99c
EBP = 0x000000a0

Reason for the crash

The game is some what broken and was never fixed. The v1.2 was supposedly said to contain the patches. However, I bought the 1.2v and still faced the crashes in the Kazakhstan level.
Next Generation Graphics was supposed to make it look like the XBOX 360 version, but it crashes the game in some levels.


Turn off “Next Generation Content” before loading the level from options and play the level as normal.

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