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Twitter plans a clean-up drive with “Obscene Content Warning”


According to Twitter representative, Carolyn Penner, Twitter users will now be able to flag their own content, as well as those of other users, indicating that the content might be inappropriate. All video and photo links will be subject to the new warning feature, and third party sites like Instagram and TwitPic, will have to update their streams.

Twitter is planning for a “Obscene Content Warning” for links to images and videos. Users would have an option to mark links they share as inappropriate. Others can also flag a tweet if the link present in it has been found obscene.

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9 responses to “Twitter plans a clean-up drive with “Obscene Content Warning””

  1. Kieran says:

    This is as annoying as hell, why are all the webpages doing this all of a sudden? Twitter is lame.