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UseNext Client Review


Ive seen the name “UseNext Client” in like a zillion websites. I’ve always wanted to know what exactly the UseNext Client was. I knew it was a paid members-only service and kept away.

It seems now they have a completely free trial that lets you download 1GB worth of data even without having to verify your credit card. You may download it for free here (direct link).

The trial software was just a mere 2.21 MiB. The first screen you’ll come across after a successful installation is this:

Usenext client initial startup screen: Make choices to newsgroups to subscribe

You can subscribe to Binary and Text Newsgroups. The Binary Newsgroups are just like P2P. The Text Newsgroups are just like Forums.
Available newsgroups in usenextThe available Binary newsgroups are:

  • eBooks and Audiobooks
  • Games
  • Music/Mp3
  • Software
  • Videos
  • Erotic Videos and Images

The available Binary newsgroups are:

  • Computers
  • Recreation
  • Culture
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Economy
  • Science

For a test search, I tried “John Denver” and sure enough, I got “Leaving on a jet plane” in the results. The download speed was good too. It reached my peak download speed in a few seconds.

Next, I tried a search “2008” and here are the results I got:usenext client search results

My my!! Angelina Jolie’s latest flick Changeling was on the top position, followed by flicks like Eden Lake, Lakeview Terrace and Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I don’t think some of the aforesaid has hit the theaters already!

I wonder why there is no law against p2p sharing of disputable content yet. This was only a user review of the Usenext Client. Anyways, you may try out the free usenext client for 14 days too. Enjoy!

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13 responses to “UseNext Client Review”

  1. cuwinapic says:

    Very good !!!!!.

  2. tmatespresco says:

    enjoying it 100%.

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  5. Reese says:

    I'll gear this review to two types of people: current Zune owners that are considering upgrading, and people attempting to decide between a Zune and a music player. (There are other players worth taking into consideration out there, like the Sony Walkman X, but I hope thus giving you enough info to create the best decision from the Zune vs players besides ipod and iphone line as well.)

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  7. Drew says:

    If i'm downloading the free trial from that link on a Mac, what program do i run it with?

  8. Spotty says:

    Here's another link with quite a few people having the same issue.


    I'm pretty sure its a scam so don't pay and ignore them.

  9. Dizzy says:

    I'm in the same boat spotty….except they want 100+ euros off me. I tried the free trial in 2007 and cancelled. 2 years later I get a demand for payment, respond with a few queries and get an e-mail from a debt collector. Never even used usenext except for one day and discovered it wasn't exactly what I was looking for.

    I'm lucky, I'm in a position where 100 euros isn't a big deal, others may not be so lucky.

    To anyone thinking of trying usnext….DON'T.

    Its that simple.

  10. Spotty says:

    I've just had one of those emails asking for a 21 euro payment. I'm not sure what to do as its sent by a UK debt collector. Do I pay or do I ignore it? The trouble is I signed up in 2006 and 3 years later they want to grab the monthly fee.

    Do I pay or not?


  11. J2O says:

    Guys iv been using UseNext for a while and i just want to recommend YOU DO NOT USE THEM.

    I have had a very bad experience and now they are trying to charge me for a subscription i did not use. They didnt make it clear that they charge you every month no matter if you pay for it or not, they will also use debt collectors.

    You may think you can pay once for say 50GB and then just use that and buy another 50GB but they will keep charging you no matter if you pay for it or not. When you dont pay, they will get dept collectors to recover the money. They didnt contact me to say this is whats going to happen or anything.



  12. dannyboy76 says:

    Nasty scammers. Sign up for free trial, get sent an email saying its expired and don't worry, your account hasn't been renewed:


    Your UseNeXT free trial has just ended automatically.

    An additional cancellation is not necessary, as your account has not been renewed.

    We hope that you have enjoyed UseNeXT.

    And then 14 days later they try and charge your credit card. Then when you cancel it and don't pay them, they try and ruin your credit rating setting debt collection agencies on you for 25 euros!


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