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Whatever happened to Google Wave?

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Google wave was supposed to be THE revolutionary product of 2009, which would change the way we communicate and share stuff online. It was even announced by Google that wave would replace traditional email as we know it. However, Google had to shut it down due to its poor response.

Two weeks ago Google announced that it had submitted a proposal to the Apache Software Foundation to enter Wave into the Apache Incubator program. Now named as Apache Wave, the Apache foundation will continue development of the Wave protocols the product. The Apache Software Foundation provides developmental, legal, and monetary support for open source software projects. Maybe they’ll actually make wave what it was supposed to be.

In Google’s proposal to Apache, the goals were to migrate the codebase from code.google.com and integrate the project with the ASF infrastructure and add new committers/devs to the project and grow the community. Wave will now be an open source, community-driven project.

Source : Google Wave Developer Blog

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  1. Andrea says:

    I'm really really really happy about this!! 😀