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Win $5000: Infolinks Movie Challenge


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infolinks-screenshotInfolinks is putting up a challenge for its members. Make a short funny video on how to make money online and you stand a chance to win $5000.

* Grand prize: $5,000  *First prize: $1,000 * Second prize: $500.

How to enter

  1. Join Infolinks
  2. Create a short funny movie (2 mins max) on how to make money online  (check out a SAMPLE video)
  3. The last slide of the video should be this image
  4. Upload it to youtube
  5. Email the entry details to blog{at}infolinks.com during the Contest Period including your complete name, address (including zip code), telephone number, primary e-mail address and the URL of your video application posted at YouTube

The Contest ends on July 31, 2009. This contest is open only to InfoLinks Publishers. Click here to Join Infolinks if you are not already a publisher.

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2 responses to “Win $5000: Infolinks Movie Challenge”

  1. infolinks is definitely second to adsense when we talk about payout rate;~.

  2. have anyone noticed that infolinks earnings this week have been a bit lower.:""