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Windows XP Dark Edition


Description: A dark themed, WGA passed release of Windows XP

Direct updates from Microsoft already Installed :

– This is a ReBuild Version add more Driver SATA in Text Mode and cut Boot Screen Fix All Bug V.3
– Update Driver SATA for text Mode System Patch
– Shell32 Patch Update Vista Icon – Logon Patch Update Dark Edition V.3
– Setup Billboard Patch Update Dark Edition V.3
– Boot Screen Patch Update Delete Dark Edition V.3 Update
– IE 7 RC 1 > IE 7 7.0.5730.11 Final
– Windows Live messenger 8.0.812 > Windows Live messenger
– Windows Media Player 11 Beta 2 > Windows Media Player 11 Final
– Delete Winrar 3.51
– Delete 7-Zip 4.42
– Delete Kels Uber Addon v7.9
– CursorsAIO Addon 1.3
– Vista DriveIndicator addon v.1
– Theme Vista CG
– RVMAddons 1.7.2 All In One Driver
– DriverPack Chipset
– DriverPack CPU
– DriverPack Graphics
– DriverPack LAN
– DriverPack MassStorage
– DriverPack Sound
– DriverPack WLAN Last Update Hotfix September 18, 2007

What’s New
– Added KB920213 Hotfix. Replaces KB890046 Hotfix.
– Added KB920342 Hotfix.
– Added KB922599 Hotfix.

Replaces KB921398 Hotfix.
– Added KB922760 Hotfix. Replaces KB918899 and KB924496 Hotfixes
– Added KB923980 Hotfix. Replaces KB899589 Hotfix.
– Added KB924270 Hotfix. Replaces KB904829 and KB921883 Hotfixes.
– Changed the way Flash is installed to better handle future updates. –
Fixed corrupted hdaudres.dll.
– Updated Adobe Flash Player to version
– Updated KB914440 Hotfix.
– Updated Malicious Software Removal Tool to version 1.22.
– Updated MSXML 4.0 SP2 to KB927978 release.
– Updated MSXML 6.0 to KB927977 release.


YOU NEED UltraISO to use this image file, burn it to CD.


Get Windows XP Dark Edition Rebuild here:

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