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WordPress 2.9 will be out soon


WordPress Enthusiasts have a reason to rejoice. WP 2.9 will be out in a couple of weeks. There are a host of changes planned.
Major new features for developers:
– comments meta table
– improved support for custom post types
– register_theme_directory() for additional theme locations
– back-ported JSON encode/decode for both PHP and JavaScript

and for users:
– oEmbed support
– “Trash” for posts, pages and comments (Delete/Recover from Trash: Quite like Joomla)
– post thumbnails support
– basic image editor

The Whole list of planned changes can be seen on the official page

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4 responses to “WordPress 2.9 will be out soon”

  1. there are many new movies to watch this month, i would be going to the cinema and video rental store again "''

  2. well, i have troubles installing windows7 on my PC. maybe i need a bios update or something ,-.

  3. you can always watch movies on youtube, though most free movies on youtube are not the full length ones '

  4. sometimes windows7 won't install if you install it on a pc with a previous installation of windows XP *