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WordPress Related YouTube Videos Plugin


YouTube Related is a wordpress plugin that shows related videos from youtube, based on the tags you’ve provided in Simple Tags Plugin.

plugin to show youtube related videos in a wordpress post

What does the plugin do?

  • It Integrates with “Simple Tags Plugin” for WordPress (modify code to get tags from other plugins or places)
  • Then, it takes the first Simple tag found and uses it to look for related videos on YouTube.
  • Displays the three most recently added related videos found from the search on your WordPress blog post.
  • Updates videos automatically.

Installation instructions for the plugin:

  • Download and install Simple Tags Plugin.
  • Download the plugin file, rename it to php, and upload it to your plugins directory, and activate it.
  • Insert the code below into wp-comments.php, where you want the YouTube Videos to appear (generally just below the line containing “You can start editing here”:
  • Begin adding Simple tags to your posts, and watch the related videos appear automatically, without any hazzle.
  • You can even use youtuberelated(0, "yourtag") to force “yourtag” related videos to be displayed.


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  1. This is nice plugin, thank you! is it possible it relates video based on words from title?

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