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“Unknown wrote an interesting post today” trackback SPAM

Do you get many trackbacks that goes :

unknown wrote an interesting post today on ‘your_blog_post_title’
Here’s a quick excerpt

your_post_content here …………………………………..
Read the rest of this great post ‘your_blog_post_link’

Although these trackbacks looks harmless, they come from subdomains of cheap sites that are trying to boost up their pagerank.
The splogs (spam blogs) installed on subdomains of sites are made exclusively to get posts from other blogs and get a trackback.

Akismet does a good job by holding back these pings. Just delete them off. 😀

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8 responses to ““Unknown wrote an interesting post today” trackback SPAM”

  1. Joey Soden says:

    So kanns kommen.. Halten Sie die Luft an, und vergessen Sie das Atmen nicht.

  2. thinkdj says:

    Hey matt!

    I have no idea how to prevent people from doing it. Such sites have very low pageranks and alexa rankings. Blogs [splogs] are intentionally installed onto subdomains for getting linkbacks from real blogs.

    It wouldn't affect us much as they'd have a link back to our original post + we'd get linkbacks [though useless ones]. As with stealing the content, any person visiting the splog would follow the link to the original site..

  3. matt says:

    I am getting two different guys stealing my content in this method. After contacting one, he started taking stuff down but the other guy just ignores me. What else can be done to block people doing this to your site?

  4. Mike says:

    Nice post, thank you :))

  5. cqkgjytmwg says:

    I was trying out the commenting 😀

  6. maddesigner says:

    Nice Post I haven't been affected much by the trackback spam as of now… But who knows when it's gonna strike


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