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GZIP Enabled WP-Cache wordpress plugin


WP-Cache v2.1.2 modified with gzip feature

The Wp-Cache requires you to have GZIP compression turned OFF. However, this plugin is WP-Cache with GZIP enabled. WP-Cache + gzip compression

WP-Cache v2.1.2 gzip Enabled

– Optional efficient gzip feature that compresses cached pages only once per page (disabled by default)
– User-friendly admin interface to enable/disable the gzip feature
– Bug fix to prevent WP-Cache from changing feed content to text/html

– Install the same way you normally install WP-Cache, or simply overwrite existing WP-Cache v2.1.2 files if already installed.
– Go to the WP-Cache admin panel in Options and click “Enable WP-Cache gzip”.

Source : Tummblr

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12 responses to “GZIP Enabled WP-Cache wordpress plugin”

  1. looking forward for more articles on your blog Cool to read, worth learning! Keep it up! http://www.canadagoose-paris.com

  2. John O says:

    Hey useful Info. It is much cooperative Later you Try it. Increasingly useful. Aloha.

  3. Thx for this plugin, must great!

  4. Givver says:

    I just updated my post at http://www.givveronline.com/wordpress/godaddy-internal-server-error/ to combine the GZIP version + GoDaddy Fix + Speed Optimizations. Check it out and get the new version.

  5. Givver says:

    Glad I could help.

  6. thinkdj says:

    Thanks Givver

    Your post helped a lot

    For anyone facing GoDaddy 500 Internal Server Error, please check out

  7. Givver says:

    I just wrote a long post about the “Internal Server Error” today on my blog. http://www.givveronline.com
    I have not tried it with this version of WP-Cache, only the release version, but it did fix all my “Internal Server Errors” and I have links that explain how to make the changes.
    Hope the helps. I will be trying the GZIP version when I have some time.

  8. thinkdj says:

    Enabling GZIP in the WP-Cache menu sometimes causes a "Internal Server Error".. 😕

    It works fine upon a refresh. Anyone else facing this problem ?

  9. Nirmal says:

    This is one really good plugin to relieve the load on the server.


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