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Yahoo CAPTCHA Hacked


A team of Russian hackers has found a way to decipher a Yahoo CAPTCHA, thought to be one of the most difficult, with 35% accuracy.

The Russian group’s notice, posted by one “John Wane,” is dated January 16. This site hosts a rapidshare link to what looks to be demonstration software for Windows, and quotes the Russian researchers: “It’s not necessary to achieve high degree of accuracy when designing automated recognition software. The accuracy of 15% is enough when attacker is able to run 100,000 tries per day, taking into the consideration the price of not automated recognition — one cent per one CAPTCHA

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2 responses to “Yahoo CAPTCHA Hacked”

  1. Kirkorov says:

    Russians always find ways. We must study the experience.

    See you late.

  2. Kirkorov says:

    Good information. Thanks. Be carefully