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Yahoo! Emoticontest winners make it to Yahoo messenger 9

NEW Hidden Yahoo! messenger 9 emoticonsWell, It seems these new emoticons were created by Yahoo! messenger users who entered the Yahoo! Emoticontest held over the summer.

Renata, a 31 year-old financial analyst living in Egypt, submitted the “thumbs up” emoticon which she says was inspired by the movie “Borat”. “My 4 year-old son saw a couple of (allowed) scenes and he wanted to imitate him.” Renata adds that in her home country of Macedonia, “we use two thumbs up whenever we want to say that someone has done a good job.”

Eunice S., a 22 year-old IT project manager from the Philippines, submitted the “It wasn’t me!” emoticon for all of us who may need to “look guilty in a funny way”. Eunice says “I would use my emoticon when someone’s blaming me of something I’m not responsible of. But, it can also be used by guilty people who are trying to deny something they actually did.”

11 year-old Daisy J. from Seattle, WA submitted the useful “Hurry up!” emoticon, which you can use in a number of ways to get your friends moving. Daisy said “I can never get my friends to leave…so now I can use my emoticon.” Daisy’s favorite emoticons? The big grin, nerd and “talk to the hand”.

Rose M., a 25 year-old marketer from Santa Monica, CA sent in the thrashing “Rock on!” emoticon. Her inspiration? “People everywhere are listening to music while they are on the Internet… So many times I’ve wanted to express that ‘I’m Rocking Out’”. Well, Rose, we hope this does the trick!

The other two new emoticons in Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta are “Thumbs down”, submitted by Ryan L., and “Don’t want to see” from Nancy.

[ :bz ] Nothing is mentioned about the bee, though

Source : Yahoo Messenger Blog 

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14 responses to “Yahoo! Emoticontest winners make it to Yahoo messenger 9”

  1. basim ali says:

    danceing emoticon yahoo messenger

  2. gabe117 says:

    are you a noob anyone knows how to use that

  3. Aman says:

    Bekar Ghateya Jesne Bhe banaya becle hai vo pagal

  4. ReySquared says:

    I'm surprised that they didn't already have m/ ! That one's been around for a while…

    another good one (dunno if they already have it) is :{

    It's a mustache man!

  5. __r3d__ says:


    still rock u ..


  6. thinkdj says:

    hey Liezel

    These emoticons are a part of the new Yahoo Messenger 9, which can be downloaded from http://beta.messenger.yahoo.com/

  7. Liezel says:

    how to use those emoticons?

  8. Buddy says:

    All 181 Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons, include many hidden emoticons in Web Messenger Version : http://vngrabber.com/emoticons

  9. jasmine says:

    hey! i like the 'it wasn't me emoticon too, though it's hard to memorize the shortcut. can you make it more simple? lolz! nways congrats Eunice! 😀

  10. thinkdj says:

    hey rach !

    you'll need to get Y! messenger 9 for the new emoticons .

    You can get it from

  11. rach says:

    cool i luv the new emoticons…will u need to download a new yahoo messenger to get them or will you get them by just typing them??


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