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After recent layoffs, Yahoo to shut down more services


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Yahoo recently laid off about 600 of its employees, roughly 4% of its workforce. Things doesnt look good at Yahoo even after that. Popular services like Del.icio.us and MyBlogLog, which were acquired by Yahoo! may soon be terminated.

In a statement, Yahoo confirmed it will phase out several services in the coming months without specifically mentioning Delicious. Yahoo! said it would publish more details “when appropriate.”

Other services on Yahoo’s kill list include serviced like MyBlogLog, Yahoo Buzz, Yahoo Picks and Yahoo Bookmarks.

These changes are a result of a housecleaning effort that Yahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz began shortly after she was hired to engineer a turnaround nearly two years ago! She closed or sold a variety of unprofitable or little-used services so Yahoo could focus on other areas more likely to attract traffic and sell advertising. But Carol’s strategy hasn’t shown any visible improvements yet, with Yahoo’s revenue growth still lagging other Internet rivals such as Google Inc. and Facebook.

The priorities of Yahoo! for 2011 would include mobile, communications and more focus on local services.

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