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New Yahoo Messenger! 9 Hidden Emoticons

Protect your eyes !
Y! coffee mug

These are the new emoticons available on Yahoo messenger 9 beta and not in the prior versions :

NEW Hidden Yahoo! messenger 9 emoticons

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HoneyBee [ Shortcut Key :bz ]Yahoo Messenger beta version features one new smiley called Honeybee.

Common Emoticons :


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94 responses to “New Yahoo Messenger! 9 Hidden Emoticons”

  1. lavarntey says:

    i like the puppy eyes

  2. DND says:


  3. shannon says:

    they dont work for me on facebook???

  4. lovely getes says:

    nice lve it

  5. nea says:

    sorry!!! what does >=) mean

  6. nea says:

    what does >=:) mean

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  8. symon bertbisaya says:

    stupendo gli emoticons

  9. uliana says:

    SMILEYS !! 😀

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  11. canadagoose11 says:

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  12. Adi says:

    ati uitat albinuta :bz

  13. Adi says:

    faine faine

  14. Gabi says:

    how about []— ? cooking

  15. dark_angel_killer12@ says:

    Sunt cele mai noi!!!

  16. Mihai says:

    eu stiam deja multe din ele dar sunt bune si ele :bd

  17. ANONIM says:

    more pls

  18. julie says:

    maganda sya ^_^ ^_- ^_*

  19. kukee says:

    yes sorry i forget it
    me too
    plz send a new emoticon

  20. denisuki says:


  21. denisuki says:

    I L:xve smileys

  22. Dell says:

    When will they make a cat smiley ?!

  23. BUDAK_MALAYSIA says:

    i love this smiley .. haha 😀

  24. rock man!! says:

    buna eu sunt de pe mess!!!!

  25. rock man!! says:

    HI ERRIBODY I LOVE THE ROCK M/ >#&@{}*äđĐ[]íłŁ$ß|Ä€Í÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷פ¤¸¨Ë´Ë™`˛°Ë‡~~~ˇ YES I AM A LOSER!!©