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Yoursishere.com – Holiday season is here

Get Celebrities to convince friends and family into getting that DELL gift you craved for this christmas.

dell xmas season sales

Choose a product from the available, choose a celeb to promote your wish, type in your name and improt addresses from your address book and finally, get the word out. Tell the world what is your dream gift for this Xmas (PS: Dell only 😀 )
Friends and family who have a paypal account can start contributing for your dream gift.

I tried making mine. I chose the Dell XPS Laptop. It costs 1700 USD. Too bad I aint in the US. Well well.. it looks like they have added a Chipin widget for tracking the fund raising..


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4 responses to “Yoursishere.com – Holiday season is here”

  1. i always attend fund raising events because i would like to be involved in it'.,

  2. i used to do fund raising for african communities and it was a great job to help others ,'

  3. John Clark says:

    Fund Raising is always needed to support existing and future projects."“

  4. me and my friends used to participate on a fund raising event for the protection of panda bears~:,