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Securely browse Gmail and Facebook

Browsing via HTTPS (HyperText Transport Protocol - Secure) combines the normal HTTP with SSL/TLS protocol and provides encrypted communications between the host (webserver) and the client(your PC). The advantage of using HTTPS is that no-one can sniff/snoop the data packets and eavesdrop on the data as ...

Disable Facebook’s Automatic Facial Recognition

There's one thing pesky about Facebook. Every time they come out with a new feature, it's 'enabled' by default. It's not always an opt-in. The latest one is FB automatically suggesting your friends on tagging your photos by their new facial-recognition feature. How to turn off ...

Apple launches iCloud Cloud Computing Service

iCloud is a free replacement for Apple's existing paid cloud storage service MobileMe. MobileMe had an yearly subscription rate of $99 and provided 5GB storage space. It synced your contacts and calendar info across apple devices. iCloud was announced on June 6, 2011 at the ...

Samsung Galaxy S2: Pre-order available in India

It's finally here. The much speculated and anticipated mobile from Samsung - the Galaxy S2 is now available for pre-booking in India. Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS 8 MP high-end 8 MP AF Camera w/ Full HD Recording(1080p) ...

Twitter Acquires TweetDeck for Over $40 Million

It's official. Tweetdeck has been acquired by Twitter for over $40 mil (although neither Twitter nor TweetDeck have released the numbers/terms officially) TweetDeck is one of the most commonly used tool in the social-networking space to combine Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace streams in one ...

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