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Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a compiled list of available shortcuts for Facebook Power Users. The shortcuts differ slightly for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Firefox Shift+Alt+1: Facebook's homepage Shift+Alt+2: Your Facebook profile page Shift+Alt+3: Friend requests Shift+Alt+4: Messages Shift+Alt+5: Notifications Shift+Alt+6: Account page Shift+Alt+7: Privacy settings Shift+Alt+8: Facebook's page on Facebook Shift+Alt+9: Facebook Terms ...

Groupon enters India, South Africa and Israel

Google failed to acquire Groupon. And after raising $950 million in its recent round of funding, Groupon seems to be bent on increasing its presence in more cities across the globe. Groupon has been acquiring websites similar to it which offer daily deals in local markets. In ...

Open Windows shifted to Right of Taskbar?

Does this look familiar? This just happened to me. The Open Windows on the Windows Taskbar shifted places and moved from left to the right. Also, it was so cramped and tiny. Here's how to fix it: Right click on the Taskbar and uncheck "Lock the Taskbar". Now ...

Samsung’s new 4G LTE Galaxy Tablet

Samsung has announced the new 4G LTE-supporting Galaxy tablet, competing with the newly released Motorola's Xoom. Samsung has launched a Wi-Fi-only version of this tablet which should hit US market soon. Samsungs 4G LTE Galaxy Tablet Specifications Processor: 1.2GHz Samsung Humingbird processor [Cortex A8] Screen: 7" ...

MailStore Home: Backup all your email accounts to your PC

MailStore Home is a backup utility for all your email accounts (web-based/POP3/IMAP). It works with both POP3 and IMAP protocols and also with web-based email services like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail which support the aforesaid protocols. MailStore supports multiple email clients like Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird ...

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