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Dell’s Firefox-based KACE Secure Browser

Dell launched its KACE Secure Browser, which is a virtualised and uber-secure version of Firefox which prevents the spread of viruses and malware to the operating system. KACE Secure Browser is based on Firefox 3.6 and it aims to "proactively contain threats before they become a problem". ...

Firefox iPhone skin design challenge

With the launch of the Firefox Home application for the iPhone [which gives users access to their Firefox history, bookmarks and tabs], Mozilla has put up a new design challenge at mozcreative. The goal of this challenge is to create a design that may be made into ...

Google now Searches your “Social Circle” too

Try searching for any term on google (while signed in) and you'll see results from your Social circle toward the end of the page. Google knows your social contacts from you gmail address book and searches for content created by your friends. From Google: If you're signed in ...

Microsoft to use binged.it for URL shortening

Binged.it? Seriously, as a SHORTNER? Well, apparently MS thinks so. Microsoft has come out with its own url shortening(?) service binged.it This was first discovered in a tweet from the Bing Travel team. "Currently in partnership with Bit.ly, we are using a URL shortener called Binged.it, available ...

Google’s 10 User Interface Design Guidelines

User Experience Designer Google Apps, Jon Wiley, outlined some of the most important principles for designing interfaces over at Google. In his presentation at the WritersUA conference, Jon listed the following guidelines: 1. Useful: focus on people - their lives, their work, their dreams. 2. Fast: every millisecond ...

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