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New Account Activity and Log Off feature on Gmail

Gmail now has account activity shown on the footer to let you know if you're still logged on elsewhere and also gives you a chance to disconnect remotely. Clicking on details brings a window that shows the recent activity associated with the logged in account like the ...

Ballmer egged at Budapest University, Hungary

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Google remains the best option on the table : Yahoo!

SF: Yahoo Inc.  defended online search leader Google Inc as a more desirable partner than Microsoft Corp in a Wednesday letter that affirmed the Internet pioneer's commitment to a new strategy. Yahoo embraced its planned advertising partnership with Google amid reports that it had revived talks about ...

Firefox 3 Statistics

  According to the Mozilla foundation that released the new browser, the software was downloaded 8.3 million times in its first 24 hours of release starting Tuesday morning.  The downloads were so popular that they initially crashed the servers running the operation.  At their busiest, the servers were handling ...

World to run out of IP addresses by 2010

 The Internet will run out of addresses in another two years as only 700 million unique  addresses are remaining for allocation out of the 4.3 billion available on the present network. The addressing we follow today is IPv4, which is 32bit. This means there are 2 to ...

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