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Facebook pushing efforts to ‘Go Green’

Facebook was in the new last December when it partnered with Greenpeace for using renewable and sustainable sources of energy to power its mammoth server farms. Remember the Un-Friend Coal campaign by Greenpeace? Greenpeace has targeted Facebook about 20 months before FB announced its decision to ...

Disable Animations to Make Firefox perform Faster

Firefox 4 and above comes with this brilliant feature of Grouping Tabs (Panorama) and tried once, people will definitely start using it routinely. It comes real handy to folks who have tens of tabs open all the time. The only problem are the animations. Restoring/jumping to tabs ...

Enterprise Nube: Cloud based solutions for digital enterprise

Subshash Dhar, Ex-Infosys Council Member has gone ahead and started his own venture -  Enterprise Nube.  The key area EnterpriseNube focuses on would be 'digital enterprises' where the 'off-the-shelf' sachets or Nubes will come with innovative solutions to sieve through social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn ...

Disabling Firefox’s Offline Mode

Sometimes Firefox automatically switches to "Offline Mode" [Work Offline Mode] on trivial issues like a router reboot or a temporary DNS Error. The trouble is, FF fails to come back out of it even after the problem is resolved after a few minutes. In Firefox's addressbar type ...

Twitter plans a clean-up drive with “Obscene Content Warning”

According to Twitter representative, Carolyn Penner, Twitter users will now be able to flag their own content, as well as those of other users, indicating that the content might be inappropriate. All video and photo links will be subject to the new warning feature, and third ...

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